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Manage your Finances

Track your cashflows and unlock access to formal credit

Rural aggregators are typically farmer producer organizations (FPOs) and local traders who procure from farmers in their location. We'll help you build new connections, manage your existing ones, and empower you with the tools to optimize your business and operations.

Build a strong financial track record

Record inward and outward cash flows easily on the platform to streamline your finances, eliminating manual processes

Access working capital

We help you in accessing financial institutions for affordable loans based on your unique credit score

Manage business digitally

Scan invoices, access all documents digitally at one place and efficiently manage your buyers on the platform

Increase sales

Access Pan India list of buyers, matched by commodity and build your social capital.

Financial Dashboard

Customized dashboard offers cashflow reconciliation, balance due from buyers, and transaction histories

Farmer data repository

We help you build a secure and digital database of your farmers, and profile them based on their crop, acreage, holding size, location and past transactions

Cashplow is a safe and secure database for all your transactions. We will not share your data with any third party unless requested by you