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Re-imagining value chain finance

Addressing the multi-billion dollar financing gap in agricultural value chains

Pathway to financial inclusion in India

We leverage digital transaction records, in conjunction with internal and external data to support the creation of economic identities for value chain players to access institutional credit

Data-driven decision-making

Risk Mitigation

Growth in customer base

Priority value chains

Lower operating costs

Profiling players

Balanced credit scoring model

Dynamic combination of factors are used to assess credit worthiness

Visibility of cashflows

Unlocking economic identities and digitizing transaction histories, we enable lenders to finance agricultural value chain players, a sector largely limited to informal financiers

Mapping buyer-seller relationships

Leveraging the vintage and volumes of trade between buyers and sellers in the ecosystem to assess their potential

Re-thinking credit design

Assist in tailoring loan products to the seasonality of cash flows of producer organizations

Sourcing and decision-making tools

We nominate a selection of of high quality borrowers and allow you to continue monitoring transactional data, post lending

Growth in customer base across products

Wide variety of loan products that can be customized - working capital loans, warehouse receipt finance, receivables financing, invoice discounting, equipment finance, production and consumption loans.

Alternative credit score

Establish of credit ratings based on FPO's non-standard financial circumstances rather than a conventional monthly rhythm

Let's come together in building innovative solutions to enable agricultural value chain finance!