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We are on a mission to build a financially inclusive ecosystem for the agriculture sector

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At Cashplow, we are building digital tools for the strong rural aggregator network in the country.

In agricultural value chains, the last mile is the web of relationships and transactions between buyers of crops, traders, and farmers. Most of this activity takes place in the developing world, where about 1.3 billion people are employed in agriculture and are involved in the production of the majority (at least 70 per cent) of the world's food.

We are unlocking the opportunity to digitize agricultural value chains and map various dimensions of buyer-seller relationships. Our objective is to enable players in the ecosystem to create a digital footprint by building functional identities.

Effective credit product design depends on understanding the cash outflows of value chain players, which are seasonal and non-standard.

We leverage a variety of data-driven insights and risk assessment models to enable flow of financing into the sector.

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